Friday Foto: Flipwalk #40

Marching on with the flipwalks, and this time I’m particularly pleased with the photograph. A teaser to whet your appetite:


To see the complete image, click here.

I made a few tweaks to my standard format this time. The first is that the page for flipwalk #40 has a link to a larger version of the (complete) image. I’ve been happy enough with the standard size of my photos here at Rule Forty-Two, and it works out fine when I take a picture with a strong vertical orientation (like here). But when the picture is more horizontal, too much detail gets lost and it’s always irked me. I’ll go through the flipwalk archives soon and add higher-resolution versions of some of the older photographs that have suffered from shrinkage.

The second is that I experimented with rendering my route on Google Maps (instead of my trusty Xeroxed maps). If you like or despise any of the changes, by all means say so in the comments.

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