Little Mac

I haven’t written many articles that have gotten a more intense response than this 2004 profile of Macaulay Culkin. Which surprised me at first, but makes sense upon further reflection–Culkin was one of the biggest movie stars in the world, not that long ago, and then he pretty much vanished off the radar.

Not much has changed since its publication: Culkin has made just one movie since 2004 (last year’s little-seen dark comedy Sex and Breakfast) and is still together with actress Mila Kunis. Doing press for Max Payne last week, Kunis said in the LA Times that she and Culkin spent a lot of time playing World of Warcraft together. Yeah, I know all too well how that can chew up the hours. (Apparently, Culkin has a level 70 Paladin character.)

I’ve just added my article to the archives. The piece includes Culkin talking about his drug experiences and dishing on how Mandy Moore came to enjoy cursing. He also muses on his strange life and the Bush administration’s handling of the Iraq invasion: “We haven’t even found those weapons, and I don’t appreciate being lied to that way. They can’t even be bothered to plant the evidence.”

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