Friday Foto: Flipwalk #34

If you’re new to this site and you haven’t seen my flipwalks before, here’s what you need to know: while I was living in New York City, near the site of the former World Trade Center, I would take walks, leaving the route up to the flip(s) of a coin at every intersection. After an hour, I would photograph whatever block I was on.

The teaser for the latest walk:


You may be slightly perplexed by the full image. It’s probably worth affirming that yes, the picture was taken in lower Manhattan, and no, its subject was not confined in any way. He had arrived in the neighborhood a month or so previously; there was initially a lot of hoopla as various people tried to capture him, without success. Eventually he seemed to settle into a contented life in Battery Park, just one more immigrant in New York City.

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