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Ten Inch Nails

It turns out my longer article about Trent Reznor is also up on the Rolling Stone website now. During the interview, Reznor briefly had to excuse himself with a bloody nose. “Are you sure you’re clean?” I teased him. He laughed. “That’s what I think of too: people are going to think I was doing […]

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #7

The commercial break kicks off with another airing of the “Big Bang ’89” promo, hyping the big show live later on MTV that night. Sandra Bernhard looks skinny and sexy and mean (in marked contrast to her subdued, puffy appearance on Project Runway recently–is she on some variety of steroid medications, or was it a […]

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A Ry Toast

The new issue of Rolling Stone has two articles by me; one of them, a profile of guitarist/producer Ry Cooder, is available online. It turned out Cooder and I had a friend in common: the most excellent Mr. Jalopy. Two footnotes on the piece: the turkey sandwich was, indeed, excellent. And the last paragraph might […]

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Friday Foto: Flipwalk #32

With this flipwalk, I’m two-thirds of the way to completion of this project. (There’s other pleasing aspects to the number, including it being the fifth power of two–or given my binary decision-making process, the number of possible paths for about three minutes or so of walking.) That’s a teaser image, as usual: click here for […]

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1988 Countdown: U2, “Angel of Harlem”

Kevin Seal explains that they’re shoehorning in another video that didn’t make the cutoff date, one that will in all likelihood appear in the 1989 countdown. (Basically, this means that MTV blocked out time based on ten videos an hour, but some hours (two out of the first two), they have time to play eleven.) […]

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Pretty in Pink

Possibly the most clichéd place possible to do a celebrity interview is at the Chateau Marmont hotel. I’ve done quite a few there, many of them with people who are Los Angeles residents and use the place as the equivalent of a conference room. Lily Allen, as it happened, was actually staying there. Before we […]

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On the Road Again

I’m in Ohio for a few days, with limited computer access, so those of you eagerly awaiting the next installment of the 1988 countdown will have to wait until Thursday, I’m afraid (and if you’re a new commenter, you might have to wait an extra day to get out of the approval queue). Three questions […]

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Trent Reznor: shorter than I expected. Also funnier than I expected. I recently interviewed Reznor and attended a dress rehearsal for the current Nine Inch Nails tour; it was very cool and trippy to be seeing a full-on rock show in a mostly empty basketball arena. (The Forum was abandoned by the Lakers about a […]

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Friday Foto: Unobeyed Commands

Spotted a few weeks ago in a San Francisco apartment building. No matter how many times you ask you them, no matter how many signs you put up–those cats are never going to close that door.

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