Single-Disc Physical Graffiti

The conundrum for any music fan: would you rather have more songs from your favorite band on their new album, even if it meant the album wasn’t as good?

Physical Graffiti, Led Zeppelin’s 1975 double disc, epitomizes that paradox. The great tracks are among the band’s very best, but they get a bit lost when swamped by eleven full minutes of “In My Time of Dying.” The album sounds much better when reduced to a single record, but it’s hard to cut down, because the filler is pretty damn good. If you put together all the Graffiti tracks I’ve discarded from my edit, you’d have a short album that would sound better than Presence.

Side One:
1. Houses of the Holy
2. Trampled Under Foot
3. Down by the Seaside
4. Custard Pie
5. Black Country Woman

Side Two:
6. The Wanton Song
7. Boogie With Stu
8. Sick Again
9. Kashmir

(total running time: 45:12)

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6 Comments on Single-Disc Physical Graffiti

  1. Scraps Says:

    Next: The Wall as an EP.

  2. Chris M. Says:

    Next: The Wall as an EP.


    Ready? Here it is:

    “Another Brick in the Wall” (Parts 1, 2 & 3)
    “Hey You”
    “Run Like Hell”
    “Comfortably Numb”


  3. Scraps Says:

    I think I’d tack “The Trial” on to the end. Otherwise, yeah, that sounds right to me.

  4. Gavin Says:

    I spent way too many hours listening to The Wall as a teenager; I still love its big messy stupid excess (although now I prefer to love it from a distance, if you know what I mean).

  5. Nate P. Says:

    You’re leaving off “The Rover”? Really?

  6. greg Says:

    To leave out Ten Years Gone is nothing short of madness.

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