Bow-wow-wow (Yippee-yo-yippee-yay)

I was delighted to hear Snoop Dogg’s country-rock track “My Medicine” getting played on our local alternative-rock radio station; it was one of the oddball standouts of his latest album, Ego Trippin’–which I reviewed a few months back for Rolling Stone. I originally had cooked up a much longer version of the Sonny and Cher metaphor, where Snoop’s money ends up more popular than him and Snoop enters politics, becoming Congressman Dogg, but my sense of restraint reasserted itself before I handed it in.

For one of our leading rappers, Snoop is a surprisingly pedestrian lyricist. He comes up with a catchphrase here and there, but most of his raps aren’t particularly quotable. It’s not so much that he says cool things, and more that he says them in a cool way.

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  1. afficher book photo en ligne Says:

    You can’t listen to a Snoop Dog album and look revolutionary new sounds and melodious genius. That’s comparable going to a undress club and trying to talk to the girls there about politics. If you take this record album for what it is, it ain’t defective.

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