Jetlag Special #1

Last month, The New Yorker published a fine profile of George Clooney by Ian Parker, which quoted from my 2005 Rolling Stone conversation with Clooney on the subject of suicide bombers and the afterlife: “But really, who wants seventy virgins? I want eight pros.”

So I’ve put my interview with Clooney up in the archives. Unsurprisingly, Clooney turned out to be prescient on the subject of Lindsay Lohan.

This piece is one of two I’ve done only a few hours after getting off an international plane flight, almost blind with jetlagged exhaustion–in this case, I was returning to New York City from New Zealand, where I had been talking with Peter Jackson and his associates. The first was many years earlier, with Oasis–I’ll post that one sometime soon.

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  1. Scraps Says:

    That’s an excellent interview. And he comes across as smart as I had hoped, and more self-effacing and grounded than 98% of famous folk.

  2. gavin Says:

    Thanks! I enjoyed talking with him; he had a real bonhomie without letting it become a phony we’re-best-pals facade.

  3. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    I had the good fortune to interview George Clooney a couple years back, and what I found most of all was that he was a very happy guy, and that radiated into everything he did. Like Gavin, I got along really well with him for the couple of hours we were together. I’m not sure you guys were OPC readers when I posted my piece on him, but it’s here:

  4. gavin Says:

    That sounds like fun.
    Did you ever post further installments?

  5. Tom Nawrocki Says:

    Here’s the final installment, which has links to the first two parts, plus my introduction:

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