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Friday Foto: Thriller Eight-Track

Some readers of Rule Forty-Two expressed astonishment at my post where I mentioned that Thriller sold a small but significant number of copies on eight-track, so I thought you might like to see the following, from a recent eBay auction: (If you want this artifact to love and cherish, there are several more on sale […]

posted 17 July 2009 in Photos. 2 comments

Too High to Get Over

My dad worked at CBS Records (as Sony Music was then known) in the 1980s and programmed the computer systems that handled a lot of their internal bookkeeping. I remember two details he told me about Thriller, which sold so many copies it routinely overwhelmed the computer: 1. One quarter, it accounted for one half […]

posted 2 July 2009 in Tasty Bits. 1 comment