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1988 Countdown #91: Eric Carmen, “Hungry Eyes”

As previously noted, deciphering the plot of a movie from an associated music video is a subtle art. My best guess on It Couldn’t Happen Here: the Pet Shop Boys drive around England, picking up hitchhikers and ultimately becoming professional tour guides, leading paying customers around the United Kingdom by train and by plane. I’ve […]

posted 1 July 2008 in 1988. 6 comments

1988 Countdown #92: Pet Shop Boys, “Always on My Mind”

There are two essential out-of-print music books that I own only in treasured Xerox copies. One is Jon Savage’s The Kinks: The Official Biography. The other is Chris Heath’s Pet Shop Boys, Annually. I had never thought until today about the similarities between Ray Davies and Neil Tennant–British songwriters with a particular gift for lonely […]

posted 19 June 2008 in 1988. 5 comments