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If I Could Stick My Pen in My Heart

I apologize for the lack of posts this week; due to a family medical emergency, the regular schedule here at Rule Forty-Two HQ may be disrupted for some time to come. I did want to mention, in a followup to last week’s post about how various songwriting partnerships work, that in an effort to plumb […]

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Songwriting Partners

I’ve been thinking lately about the stylistic tendencies in songwriting partners. Not the words/music split of Gilbert/Sullivan or Hammerstein/Rodgers, but the Lennon/McCartney model: two long-running partners who share credit on everything even though they often write songs individually. The differences between the two Beatles are well-known: in broad strokes, Paul McCartney favored sentimental ballads and […]

posted 12 November 2008 in Tasty Bits. 5 comments