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Friday Foto: Bear Yoga

Photographed on Monday morning in Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. There was a film crew of moderate size (four vans, no craft services), so you’re unlikely to see this tableau in a major motion picture anytime soon.

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Friday Foto: Pussy Riot

There’s an area in Runyon Canyon (a mostly vertical park in Los Angeles) where somebody has arranged stones into a large spiral; it takes a few minutes to walk to the center. There’s also some loose stones nearby, which have usually been arranged to spell a word or two, anything from “ROCK” to “LUST.” Recently, […]

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Friday Foto: Papillon

Two and a half years after my last butterfly photo, it seems like time for another one. This one was taken in March, in Runyon Canyon.

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Friday Foto: Stanchion

Taken a few days ago, on a walk through Runyon Canyon. That’s part of an abandoned cement court, used years ago for both tennis and basketball.

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