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Friday Foto: Make Wine From Your Tears

What’s Czech for “manhole cover”? I know, it should really be a lamppost.

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1988 Countdown #52: INXS, “Never Tear Us Apart”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Violins saw away as we slowly pan down an antique lamppost. We have time to note the lamppost’s broken pane of glass, its ironwork, and the details of its patina. This shot lasts, no lie, twenty seconds, as if INXS want to destroy MTV’s reputation for quick-cut editing […]

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Friday Foto: Prague

Another picture of the Prague Astronomical Clock. My reasons for posting this will become clearer next week.

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Friday Foto: Fred and Ginger

From a trip to Prague a few years back: The Nationale-Nederlanden building, designed by Frank Gehry and built in 1996, is also known as the Dancing House, the Drunk House, or Fred and Ginger.

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Friday Foto: Prague Astronomical Clock

  The clock dates to 1410; I took this picture in 2005, when I was visiting Prague to write about the TV miniseries Revelations, which was filming there.

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