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1988 Countdown #78: Pat Benatar, “All Fired Up”

Back from the commercial break, we find Kevin Seal standing on top of a ladder, with the top half of his body out of the frame. “The top one hundred of 1988!” he shouts. He jumps off the ladder and then lies down on the floor. Standing up and dusting himself off, Seal says, “It’s […]

posted 9 October 2008 in 1988. 2 comments

1988 Countdown #79: OMD, “Dreaming”

A glowing white light wobbles around and comes into focus: it’s a pair of headlights on a deserted highway. The car’s driving on the right side of the road: this video was filmed in the States, apparently. Clouds race across the sky. An attractive brunette girl in a peach-colored prairie dress and a black leather […]

posted 30 September 2008 in 1988. 6 comments