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Rolling in the Deep, 10/10/13

Lately, I’ve been writing more dispatches for the Rolling Stone website, and it occurred to me that you might like to know about them. I don’t want to slam you with a barrage of links, so once a week or so, I’ll do a quick roundup and you can click on whatever interests you. On […]

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Top Five Election Songs

That is, songs specifically about elections and/or voting, not just miscellaneous political or societal change. 1. X, “The New World” 2. Radiohead, “Electioneering” 3. Arcadia, “Election Day” 4. Little Steven, “Vote That Mutha Out” 5. Talking Heads, “The Democratic Circus” There are fewer of these than I would have guessed (although Lyle Lovett and the […]

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