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Rolling in the Deep, 10/10/13

Lately, I’ve been writing more dispatches for the Rolling Stone website, and it occurred to me that you might like to know about them. I don’t want to slam you with a barrage of links, so once a week or so, I’ll do a quick roundup and you can click on whatever interests you. On […]

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Ten Inch Nails

It turns out my longer article about Trent Reznor is also up on the Rolling Stone website now. During the interview, Reznor briefly had to excuse himself with a bloody nose. “Are you sure you’re clean?” I teased him. He laughed. “That’s what I think of too: people are going to think I was doing […]

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Trent Reznor: shorter than I expected. Also funnier than I expected. I recently interviewed Reznor and attended a dress rehearsal for the current Nine Inch Nails tour; it was very cool and trippy to be seeing a full-on rock show in a mostly empty basketball arena. (The Forum was abandoned by the Lakers about a […]

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