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Friday Foto: Sonic New Yorker

Taken in lower Manhattan in 2005. Sign of the times (other than the haircut): he’s holding a Discman and a CD.

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Friday Foto: Broadway Clock

In lower Manhattan, on the corner of Broadway and John Street, there was for many years a large public clock. I thought of it as the city’s worst timekeeping device. It wasn’t merely broken: that would be far too mundane. Twice a year, when most clocks changed to reflect the shift from daylight savings time, […]

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Friday Foto: The Brooklyn Bridge

U2 did a free “surprise” show at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge in November 2004. I took some photos of the concert, but I prefer the picture I took of the bridge:

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1988 Countdown: U2, “Angel of Harlem”

Kevin Seal explains that they’re shoehorning in another video that didn’t make the cutoff date, one that will in all likelihood appear in the 1989 countdown. (Basically, this means that MTV blocked out time based on ten videos an hour, but some hours (two out of the first two), they have time to play eleven.) […]

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Friday Foto: Chinatown

Taken a couple of years ago on a side street of Chinatown, some hours after a New Year’s parade was over.

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