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A quick link to a small item: my New York Times Magazine sidebar on five of my favorite misheard lyrics is now up on their 6th Floor Blog.

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Lady Mondegreen, Children at Your Feet

Howdy, New York Times readers. If you came here looking for mondegreens, I suggest you try clicking here. And if not, then this is a moment for me to say how cool it was to do a sidebar in the Times Magazine this past Sunday with five of my favorite misheard lyrics: it’s always weird […]

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Mondegreen Update

I’m basically out of the mondegreen business these days, but I still file away misheard lyrics, and recently had two that you may find interesting. The first was from Jay-Z on his “Empire State of Mind” single with Alicia Keys. I thought he was rapping “Long live the World Trade / Long live the Kingdome,” […]

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