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Having Fun On Stage With Everybody

Back in 1995 (or thereabouts), I made something—a mixtape? an audio art project? an interstitial supercut? banter-o-rama? Well, I cut together an hour-long cassette tape that was sufficiently its own thing that a quarter-century later, I’m still not sure what to call it. It did have a name, which was Having Fun On Stage With […]

posted 23 July 2021 in Unpublished. 3 comments

Having Fun Offstage with Elvis

I realized this morning that two recent albums–Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion and Wonderlick’s Topless at the Arco Arena–have something unusual in common. Their titles include the names of concert venues despite not being live records. Can anybody think of any others? (The MPP is a Gehry-designed shed in Maryland; Jackson Browne recorded “The Load-Out/Stay” […]

posted 6 August 2009 in Tasty Bits. 4 comments

Portishead of the Class

One of my favorite albums this year is Portishead’s third studio album, creatively titled Third. It’s been over a decade since Portishead’s last studio album (the equally creatively titled Portishead), but as far as I can tell from their recent press clippings, they haven’t changed a bit. (Their music certainly hasn’t: they still make exquisite […]

posted 14 July 2008 in Archives, Articles. 3 comments