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R.I.P. Dr. John

Dr. John, the New Orleans singer and piano player so mighty that he exerted his own gravitational force, died last week. I wrote his obituary for the New York Times. (The vagaries of obituary writing being what they are, I actually wrote it three years ago, but I’m thankful that he stayed around for as […]

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Get a Tan From Standing in the English Rain

Hugh Laurie has released his second album, Didn’t It Rain: another disc of New Orleans jazz and blues, a genre that he loves and proves to be a surprisingly fluent performer in. It’s been almost two years since I wrote a profile of Laurie for The New York Times Magazine (and almost seven years since […]

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The River in Reverse

Trying to understand The New York Times’ effect on man, I wrote a profile of Mr. Hugh Laurie that appeared in this past Sunday’s edition of the paper (in the Magazine section). You might still have it by the side of your couch, or you can read it here. Laurie, aside from starring in House, […]

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A House Is Not a Home

Last year, House did something unusual for a hit TV show entering its fifth season: the creators looked at its weaknesses and did something about them. The medical-mystery scripts were still witty but had become painfully predictable (three wrong diagnoses from Dr. House every week each before he figured out what was going on). So […]

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