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Housecleaning: Olivia Wilde

I decided to empty out my notebook of all the past House-related stories I’ve written, and despite complaints last week from commenter “James” that Olivia Wilde is a blight both upon the show and the American potato crop, I’m proceeding with a short profile I wrote on her last year, still timely given that she […]

posted 15 September 2008 in Archives, Articles. 5 comments

A House Is Not a Home

Last year, House did something unusual for a hit TV show entering its fifth season: the creators looked at its weaknesses and did something about them. The medical-mystery scripts were still witty but had become painfully predictable (three wrong diagnoses from Dr. House every week each before he figured out what was going on). So […]

posted 10 September 2008 in Archives, Articles. 5 comments