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1988 Countdown #42: Daryl Hall John Oates, “Everything Your Heart Desires”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) “After three years of separation, Hall and Oates got back together,” Adam Curry says, not particularly moved by this tender reunion, “with a tremendously successful album.” Well, Ooh Yeah! peaked at #24, which seems something less than tremendous. (Filled with bonhomie, Arista had it certified platinum.) Curry continues, […]

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The Volume Dealers

For a long time, releasing an album with Volume One somewhere in the title seemed like a good way to ensure there would never be a Volume Two, unless those songs were already recorded (e.g., George Michael’s Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 or in a similar vein, Hall and Oates’ Rock ’n Soul Part 1). […]

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Daryl Hall, Call Your Trademark Lawyer

From the latest (September 26, 2008) issue of Entertainment Weekly, Alicia Keys on her collaboration with Jack White: “I like to call it rock & soul.”

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1988 Countdown #82: Icehouse, “Electric Blue”

Here’s what I remembered about “Electric Blue” twenty years later: 1. It was cowritten by John Oates of Hall and Oates, presumably in an effort to keep up with Daryl Hall’s songwriting credits; Hall had a solo hit with “Dreamtime” in 1986. (Actually, a fair number of Hall and Oates’ song catalog was written by […]

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