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The Hit Bitch

I wouldn’t have guessed that a Chicago video would prompt one of the liveliest discussions we’ve had about any aspect of the 1988 countdown, but there you have it–if you haven’t read the comments on “Look Away,” go join the party. The debate over songwriter Diane Warren inspired me to dig up one of my […]

posted 1 July 2010 in Articles. 3 comments

1988 Countdown #53: Chicago, “Look Away”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) We hear a horribly dated plinkety synth sound; it sounds like somebody got a new keyboard for Christmas 1987 and left it on the preset. On our video screen: a New York City street scene, specifically a Hot Video Babe walking down the sidewalk. She is walking two […]

posted 24 June 2010 in 1988. 17 comments

1988 Countdown #64: Belinda Carlisle, “I Get Weak”

  Kevin Seal’s getting punchy. “On this date, exactly ten years ago,” he says, “it was December 31, 1978.” Continuing onward: “Okay, enough of the past. Let’s look at the future. Last year, I mean to say.” He introduces Belinda Carlisle’s “I Get Weak” video, mentions that it was directed by Diane Keaton, and adds […]

posted 4 November 2009 in 1988. 2 comments