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1988 Countdown #40: David Lee Roth, “Just Like Paradise”

(New to the countdown? Forgotten what it’s about? Catch up here.) A rock climber dangles from a steep cliff, pulling himself up with his left leg. To emphasize that this is a raw, elemental scene, the only soundtrack is a howling wind. The climber would not be identifiable as David Lee Roth without the block […]

posted 9 July 2013 in 1988. 6 comments

1988 Countdown #81: Van Halen, “Finish What Ya Started”

Kevin Seal returns, and ponders the question of whether the Van Halen album title OU812 was a shot at David Lee Roth’s Eat ’Em and Smile. He says that this video (“Finish What Ya Started”–he makes sure to overenunciate the “Ya”) was directed by Andy Morahan, “who did George Michael’s videos, which is why it […]

posted 18 September 2008 in 1988. 6 comments