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Cats, Girls, Charts

My favorite web comic is still Cat and Girl. Here’s something I wrote about it a few years ago that never got published: Like the world needed another comic strip about a human being living with a sassy, anthropomorphic cat. But this time, the cat has a chronic paint-drinking addiction (“It’s my major source of […]

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Back to the Future

Sometime around 1999, possibly suffering from a case of pre-millennium tension, I got fascinated by futurism. I ended up collecting lots of examples of predictions that were supposed to have flowered by 2000, from cyborgs to vitamin-fortified alcohol to gunfights between astronauts in outer space. You can read the resulting article here; it starts with […]

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Darwin’s Cousin

About ten years ago, Wired had a regular feature where they did “interviews” with dead people. They kicked it off with a cover story on Marshall McLuhan; it turned out that skillful excerpts from the works of sufficiently interesting thinkers of the past could create the illusion of a modern conversation. I stumbled on a […]

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Darkness Falls

My favorite unpublished piece ever might be this profile I wrote of the late, lamented Darkness. It got spiked for wholly unremarkable reasons: two issues in a row it got bumped because pages were tight in the magazine, then One Way Ticket to Hell… and Back (the band’s second album) came out and did a […]

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Mmmmm, Joss.

One of the reasons I started this website was to archive some of my articles. Then, well, a few years went by. Let’s try again, shall we? This is an interview I did with Joss Whedon the week his Serenity movie was released. It’s funny and enlightening, yet previously unpublished.

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