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People Really Win on MTV

I am somewhere between ecstatic and doing backflips: VJ has officially hit The New York Times best seller list. It’s #25 on the extended hardcover nonfiction list, #15 on the ebook nonfiction list, and #25 on the extended combined print and ebook nonfiction list. The point being: this is awesome news, and since I’ve been […]

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Henry Bromell Q&A

Henry Bromell died on March 18, at the age of 65. About six months earlier, I had a long conversation with him; most of it never saw print, due to the exigencies of magazine journalism, but he was a fascinating man. Bromell wrote for many TV shows, including Homicide, Northern Exposure, Rubicon, and most recently, […]

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Single-Disc White Album Roundup

I traded tweets earlier today with a very cool graphic artist, Craig Robinson, author of the excellent and witty baseball infographic collection Flip Flop Fly Ball. The spur: he recently compiled his own single-disc version of the Beatles’ White Album, which reminded me of the time I did my version. We’re not the only ones, […]

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Top Five Songs With Outmoded Lyrical Telecommunications References

1. BeyoncĂ©, “Crazy in Love” (“Got me hoping you’ll page me right now”) 2. R.E.M., “Star 69” (“I know you called, I know you hung up my line”) 3. The Kinks, “Party Line” (“Wish I had a more direct connection”) 4. The Mekons, “Authority” (“Fax me in the morning”) 5. Blondie, “Hanging on the Telephone” […]

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Happy Birthday, Moby

I am grateful for many things in my life, not least that I think about my experiences on 9/11/2001 with less frequency as the years pass.

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Top Five Songs About Overflowing Rivers

Not all of them in New Orleans. 1. The Clash, “London Calling” 2. Randy Newman, “Lousiana 1927” 3. Led Zeppelin, “When the Levee Breaks” 4. Johnny Cash, “Five Feet High and Rising” 5. Bob Dylan, “Down in the Flood” Stay dry, Brooklyn.

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A quick link to a small item: my New York Times Magazine sidebar on five of my favorite misheard lyrics is now up on their 6th Floor Blog.

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Fun with Analogies (or 50,000,000 Britney Fans Can’t Be Wrong)

If Britney Spears: Elvis Presley, then– Christina Aguilera: Jerry Lee Lewis Max Martin: Lennon / McCartney Ke$ha: The Rolling Stones Pink: The Kinks Katy Perry: The Beach Boys Dr. Luke: Phil Spector Robyn: Love Avril Lavigne: The Doors Miley Cyrus: The Dave Clark Five Rebecca Black: Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs Madonna: Chuck Berry

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Lady Mondegreen, Children at Your Feet

Howdy, New York Times readers. If you came here looking for mondegreens, I suggest you try clicking here. And if not, then this is a moment for me to say how cool it was to do a sidebar in the Times Magazine this past Sunday with five of my favorite misheard lyrics: it’s always weird […]

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“Summer of ’69” Secrets Revealed!

I recently received an email from Canadian songwriter Jim Vallance. You may not know his name, but you probably know his work: songs he cowrote include Aerosmith’s “Rag Doll,” Glass Tiger’s “Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone),” and Heart’s “What About Love?” And he collaborated on dozens of songs with Bryan Adams, including “Summer of […]

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