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More Blog Rolling in Our Time

My old friend Marc Weidenbaum has high-quality blogs to cover every conceivable interest. Well, if you can’t imagine being interested either in anything other than the iPad or ambient and electronic music. But they’re both excellent–go check them out.

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It Means So Much to Me, Like a Birthday or a Pretty View

Three reading recommendations from three talented friends on a summer Monday: There was an intense debate in our cafeteria over who would be the first rock star to make a video where he got crucified and sing his latest hit from up on the cross. Flynn thought it would be Ozzy. I argued for Billy […]

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All Access Aziz

The latest issue of Rolling Stone, still on newsstands, has an article by me about Aziz Ansari, who you might know from Parks and Recreation, Funny People, Human Giant, or his recent gig hosting the MTV Movie Awards. Since my profile didn’t get Ansari summoned to the White House and then fired,  I have to […]

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Blog Rolling in Our Time

Two quick Monday links to a couple of friends (and frequent Rule Forty-Two commenters): The mighty Rob Sheffield has a new blog at Rolling Stone’s website. Lucky us! Recent topics: Rue McLanahan, Broken Social Scene, “The Humpty Dance.” My grief when Tom Nawrocki shut down his last blog, One Poor Correspondent, was exceeded only by […]

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Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

There’s been a lot of fine writing about Michael Jackson’s life and death in the past twelve days, and some of the best of it has been by friends of Rule Forty-Two. I have a few more MJ-related posts to make, but before I cut off this skein, I wanted to steer you towards some […]

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Summer Reading List

I have an embarrassing number of friends who are also talented authors. No fewer than four of them have books out right now. You should, of course, spend all your free time doing nothing but reading them. I would prefer that you did this blindly on my say-so, but in case you want to know […]

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The Only Thing Worse Than a Giant Monster Is an Undead Giant Monster

My favorite blog on the planet this minute is Mightygodking, by Christopher Bird, who is a Canadian law student and a big-ass nerd. He’s got obsessions ranging from “So You Think You Can Dance?” to Photoshop: witness his modified versions of Archie comics and old fantasy novels. But he reached a new level last month, […]

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Captain Jim Throws the Prime Directive Out for the Umpteenth Time

Rumor has it there might be a new Star Trek movie out. If you haven’t gotten enough of your Starfleet fix, you might want to take a look at this article I wrote for Wired on artificial languages, from Esperanto to Klingon and beyond (fans of Interlingua, Lojban, and Lincos, please raise your hands). My […]

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1985 Countdown #1: a-ha, “Take On Me”

I’m relying on 23-year-old memories, since I didn’t have the foresight to tape the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure a-ha were on top of the MTV countdown in 1985. (The network certainly did everything they could to push that video.) At any rate, somebody’s done a new “literal” version of “Take on Me” that’s […]

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This website has been linked to by some interesting and worthy websites, but never from an online dispatch about a labor action by university professors in Mongolia. Until last week.

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