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The Long Short List

This was a cool surprise: Apparently the Da Capo anthology Best Music Writing 2011, guest-edited by the estimable Alex Ross, includes 32 essays on music published in 2010. I didn’t make that cut, but I appear to be represented in the “Other Notable Music Writing” list at the back, for my profile of producer Dr. […]

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The Twitter Project

Rolling Stone has published another of my series of articles where I interview famous people about their Twitter feeds: last year it was Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, but this week it’s the lovely and talented Mindy Kaling, creator and star of the charming new sitcom The Mindy Project. For maximum self-referentiality, tweet about it! Or […]

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Top Five Songs With Outmoded Lyrical Telecommunications References

1. BeyoncĂ©, “Crazy in Love” (“Got me hoping you’ll page me right now”) 2. R.E.M., “Star 69” (“I know you called, I know you hung up my line”) 3. The Kinks, “Party Line” (“Wish I had a more direct connection”) 4. The Mekons, “Authority” (“Fax me in the morning”) 5. Blondie, “Hanging on the Telephone” […]

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