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Happy Birthday, Peter Jackson!

Today is the fiftieth birthday of director Peter Jackson, the most famous New Zealander since Edmund Hillary. I’ve interviewed Jackson twice, and while he’s not really into self-disclosure, he’s been unfailingly genial and at ease with his own high-powered geekiness. Much as I enjoy The Lord of the Rings trilogy, my favorite film of his […]

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Occupy Maiden Lane

I lived for many years on Broadway, about two blocks away from Zuccotti Park, where the Occupy Wall Street protesters have encamped. (Although Zuccotti Park itself is not familiar to me–I believe it was fenced up and under renovation for most of the years I lived near it.) In recent weeks, Occupy Wall Street’s winding, […]

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It’s been almost three weeks since R.E.M. broke up, and Mike Mills still hasn’t released a solo album.

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