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Friday Foto: Happy Halloween

The pumpkin I carved a couple of weeks ago: And a lesson learned: the Southern California climate means a carved pumpkin rots in about three days.

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Workingman’s Dead

I’ve been writing for Wired on and off for fourteen years now, and although it’s been three years since I worked with the magazine, I have two recent bylines I’d like to call your attention to. The first is in the current (November) issue, with breasts on the cover: an article on the cartoon Phineas […]

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1988 Countdown: Commercial Break #21

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) The commercial break begins with the promo for “The Year in Rock 88.” The people deemed newsworthy enough to get a quick video clip of them flashed in this spot: Chuck D. (in a Pittsburgh Pirates cap), Tracy Chapman (looking dour), Keith Richards (with cigarette), Billy Joel (playing […]

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Darkness on the Edge of Town

I finally watched The Promise: The Making of Darkness on the Edge of Town on HBO, and was reminded anew how much I love Bruce Springsteen’s fourth album. This is a discovery I seem to make periodically: the last time was in 2003, when I reviewed the record in Rolling Stone (as part of the […]

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1988 Countdown #49: Duran Duran, “I Don’t Want Your Love”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) A white-haired judge sits down behind a podium and bangs his gavel, calling the video to order. The footage flies by very quickly: this is the most hyperactive editing we’ve seen so far on the entire countdown. I’m not going to log the hundreds of different shots in […]

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America the Beautiful

Ray Charles America, a documentary I worked on earlier this year, debuts tonight on the Biography Channel at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific (and then promptly repeats three times in a row). I’m credited as “consulting producer,” which means that I helped in various ways, including interviewing a half-dozen or so of the […]

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Friday Foto: Jagalac

Photographed earlier this week on Sixth Street in Los Angeles: the body of a Jaguar convertible with the fins of a Cadillac. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an automotive chimera before.

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Top Five Atheist Songs

1. XTC, “Dear God” 2. John Lennon, “God” 3. The Sugarcubes, “Deus” 4. Randy Newman, “Old Man” 5. Tom Jones/John Lee Hooker, “Burning Hell” Point out the songs I missed in the comments before a vengeful Lord smites me down.

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Friday Foto: Moving Sculptures

Taken yesterday at LACMA, just outside the new Resnick Pavilion.

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