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1988 Countdown #65: Europe, “Superstitious”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Sure, I know what you’re thinking: Europe had another hit? In fact, they had three others, including 1987’s “Carrie,” which apparently went all the way to #3. This relatively anemic followup marked their last appearance in the American top 40, although they were still getting a promotional push […]

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All You Zombies

I have another “Icon” interview in the new issue of Maxim (the October issue, with Audrina Patridge of The Hills on the cover): this time it’s with Woody Harrelson, currently starring in Zombieland. We met at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, so naturally, I had a cheeseburger before I showed up. Harrelson ordered a […]

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Friday Foto: Batman Avenue

Another photo from the Melbourne trip: Oh, so that’s where Batman lives.

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1988 Countdown #66: Richard Marx, “Endless Summer Nights”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) Many musicians have a career arc that takes them through various radio formats: country to top-40 and back to country, for example. One of the most common paths, taken by artists such as Rod Stewart, is classic rock to top-40 to adult-contemporary.  Richard Marx  following that route isn’t […]

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