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Friday Foto: Squid vs. Whale

If I told you where I took the picture, would that spoil the fun?

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More and More About Some Useless Information

Another Warhol diary entry starring Bianca Jagger, this time featuring Jade, her daughter with Mick. At the time of this entry, Jade was five years old. Thursday, April 21, 1977 Went with Bob to pick up Bianca to take her to a dinner that Sandy Milliken was giving at his loft in Soho and Jade […]

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Friday Foto: Urban Light

An installation by Chris Burden just outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, photographed by me two weeks ago.

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The Only Thing Worse Than a Giant Monster Is an Undead Giant Monster

My favorite blog on the planet this minute is Mightygodking, by Christopher Bird, who is a Canadian law student and a big-ass nerd. He’s got obsessions ranging from “So You Think You Can Dance?” to Photoshop: witness his modified versions of Archie comics and old fantasy novels. But he reached a new level last month, […]

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Andy Warhol, Silver Screen

A short entry from the Andy Warhol diaries: Friday, April 8, 1977 Went with Jed to see Sissy Spacek in Carrie (cab $2.50, tickets $3). Loved it. Finally somebody did slow motion right.

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1988 Countdown #70: Debbie Gibson, “Out of the Blue”

(New to the countdown? Catch up here.) MTV runs a top-of-the-hour promo: this is the slot that was once occupied by the astronaut rocking out. Here it’s a gyroscopic M that rotated various bits of random footage into place. (It’ll come up many more times–I’ll describe it in more detail before we finish the countdown.) […]

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Captain Jim Throws the Prime Directive Out for the Umpteenth Time

Rumor has it there might be a new Star Trek movie out. If you haven’t gotten enough of your Starfleet fix, you might want to take a look at this article I wrote for Wired on artificial languages, from Esperanto to Klingon and beyond (fans of Interlingua, Lojban, and Lincos, please raise your hands). My […]

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Friday Foto: More Super-size Flipwalks

I uploaded two more photos from the flipwalk project in higher resolution. Like so: To see the larger version of this picture, click here. To see the original page for flipwalk #36, click here. To see the larger version of this picture, click here. To see the original page for flipwalk #39, click here.

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Nonergonomic Choices

Consider, if you will, the opening lines to Air Supply’s #2 hit from 1980, “All Out of Love”: I’m lying alone, with my head on the phone / Thinking of you ’til it hurts Dude, that pain isn’t from a broken heart–it’s because you’re trying to use a telephone as a pillow.

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Friday Foto: Super-Size Flipwalks

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I don’t think the format of this site does justice to some of the flipwalk photos with a more horizontal orientation. So I’ve uploaded larger versions of some of the pictures and provided links to them from their respective pages. This is the first of two batches. To […]

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