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Recourse to the Law

I recently wondered what album had the highest differential between the times I listened to before my high school graduation to times I listened to it after that. The answer, I decided, was Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut. It was one of the first three albums I ever owned, and was in heavy rotation in […]

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The Artist Currently Known as Prince

Prince has a new album out: another three-disc package (his fifth, by my count). My review is in the latest issue of Rolling Stone; you can also read it now on their website. A few other things Prince and Woody Allen have in common: (1) they’re short (2) they’re basketball fans (3) they were funnier […]

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Everything Gwen

You’ve probably heard that Blender ceased publication last week; I’m sorry to see it go, and not just because I know a lot of people who worked there. I wrote exactly one article for Blender: it was the cover story of their second issue, early enough in the game that Craig Marks wasn’t yet running […]

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