Walk #9

13 September 2004
4:45 pm to 5:45 pm
Heads: 48
Tails: 48
Intersections: 63
Ending point: the corner of Pearl Street and Beekman Street
Latitude/longitude: 40:42:29.023N/74:00:12.391W
Distance from home: 0.2112 miles
Literature received: Falun Dafa Reader (“An American Still Imprisoned in China for His Courage and Beliefs”)
Coin: 1987 P quarter

When I began doing these walks, I worried that I’d always end up wandering through the same blocks east of Broadway, seeing the financial district over and over. But to my surprise, that didn’t happen until this day, when I looped the loops in the afternoon shade of extremely tall buildings, weaving my way through crowds of people leaving work.

I took a census of every hat I passed by on the sidewalk, the majority of which were caps inscribed with logos: NBA cap, “Become Your Dreams” –De La Vega cap, Penn State cap, Inc. cap, Downtown Alliance cap, UConn cap, plain navy cap, brown striped rasta cap, Cal cap, NFL cap, Nike swoosh cap, Italia cap, traditional Yankees cap, cap festooned with the logos of multiple baseball teams, two Downtown Alliance mesh police-style hats, plain sky-blue cap, Yankees black logo-on-black background cap, New Era logo cap, plain black cap, Miami Heat cap, cap with a mysterious spider logo, Lamborghini logo cap, maroon mesh cap, G cap, Old Navy cap, navy head scarf, Adidas logo cap, ServiceMaster Clean cap, Nike swoosh cap, NYC cap, plain navy cap, plain gray cap, Yankees gray-on-gray cap, puffy black cap, K softball, Yankees black-on-black cap, Lenny’s cap, plain beige cap, Yankees pink-on-pink cap, plain beige cap, Yankees traditional cap, pastel striped cap, black beret, white pinstriped cap, brown leather cap, Yankees navy-on-navy cap, Chinese dragon cap, Detroit Pistons cap, black cap with short brim, Yankees white-on-gray cap, white cap with logo of a military unit, two white mesh police hats, straw hat, Yankees traditional cap, brown Puma trucker cap, NYC cap, Von Dutch cap, white yarmulke with black pattern, black cap with a bean cartoon, knit gray skullcap, Chicago Bulls cap, Yankees black-on-gray cap, Peugeot cap, Yankees white-on-white cap (worn backwards! the only one in that style seen the whole hour!), black cap with a huge bill, Taz (the WB Tasmanian Devil character) cap, knit black skullcap, gray leather cap, Falcons cap, Red Sox cap, plain black cap, striped cap with a high point on the crown, Yankees black-on-black cap, white police hat, rattan trucker hat (it appeared to be actual rattan on the front), beige cap with sunglasses over logo.