Walk #33


4 April 2005
5:10 pm to 6:10 pm
Heads: 79
Tails: 47
Total intersections: 52
Ending point: South Street and Gouverneur Lane
Latitude/longitude: 40:42:13.49N/74:00:25.34W
Distance from home: 0.3567 miles
Literature received: Pizza Hut (“For Your Convenience, Call the Nearest Restaurant”)
Coin: 1984 quarter (P)

I walked through the throngs of people getting out of work, and found myself accelerating as I went, spinning around the financial district in ever-faster circles like some urban gyroscope.

Pigeons scattered as I went through the South Street Seaport. The coin gave me permission to walk through their flocks. Walking by the East River (technically, by the way, it’s an estuary, not an actual river), I could see two ships and one large piece of Styrofoam bobbing in the water.

I ended up down by the dock for the ferries. (It was my second time at that location in less than two months.) A steady flow of businessmen squeezed through the gap in a chain-link fence, taking a shortcut to their water taxis.