Walk #42


3 June 2005
5:19 pm to 6:19 pm
Heads: 40
Tails: 51
Total intersections: 31
Ending point: corner of Pine Street and Nassau Street
Latitude/longitude: 40:42.27.80N/74:00.36.69W
Distance from home: 0.1604 miles
Literature received: Dr. Craig Brandoff, DPM (“Bring in this card for a complimentary trimming of all your corns, callouses [sic] & toenails as well as a luxuriously warm paraffin bath”)
Coin: 1996 Canadian quarter

I left my home and walked south in a steady drizzle. Intersection after intersection, I flipped my coin but kept walking straight, staying on Broadway until I reached the bronze statue of the bull with the shiny testicles. People hurried past me, trying to stay dry on their journey between work and home. I ambled in circles, staying just south of the New York Stock Exchange, sometimes gazing at the slate-gray sky.

Outside a flower shop, I saw a guy spitting and swearing. Church bells chimed, and it sounded like a song from my childhood.