Walk #45


26 June 2005
4:44 pm to 5:44 pm
Heads: 37
Tails: 64
Total intersections: 30
Ending point: corner of Greenwich St. and Liberty St.
Latitude/longitude: 40:42.36.39N/74:00.45.58W
Distance from home: 0.2193 miles
Literature received: None
Coin: 2001 Rhode Island quarter (P)

As I strolled around lower Manhattan doing these flipwalks, I scribbled notes in a 99-cent memo book, three inches by five inches. They usually would jog my memory when I wrote up the walk later on, although sometimes, years later, a particular comment would seem cryptic, and I’d skip over it. Other times, a whole walk’s worth of notes would become completely opaque to me, like this set, written with a green felt-tip pen:

York semi-meal

Cockpit down to 3

Caracas, Kobe, York

We’re businessmen / midday is just trippy

no 3-yr reveal right away

labor–it’ll be good fungus

York semi-eyeball

“You just insulted yourself!”

I ended this random journey on the southern edge of the World Trade Center site, taking pictures of destruction, firemen, and the Deutsche Bank building–just like all the other tourists.