Who had the most #2 singles without hitting #1?

En Vogue had three singles that fell just short, as did Blood, Sweat & Tears, but the champion of silver medals on the Billboard Hot 100, without a doubt, was Creedence Clearwater Revival, who had five #2 singles, all of them between March 1969 and October 1970: “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising,” “Green River,” “Travelin’ Band,” and “Lookin’ Out My Back Door.” (That falls short of the record for the most #2 singles ever, which belongs to Madonna with six; of course, she has a dozen #1 singles to go along with them.) Bandleader John Fogerty was philosophical about not making it to the top of the pops, saying, “Number two tries harder and all that.”

(Excerpted from the 2006 book Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton’s Little John?: Music’s Most Enduring Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed, published by Three Rivers Press, written by Gavin Edwards.)