Hello. I’m Gavin Edwards, contributing editor at Rolling Stone and the New York Times-bestselling author of The Tao of Bill Murray, the ’Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy series, and Last Night at the Viper Room. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I like caffeine, boardgames, and lists with three items.

If You Want a Signed and Inscribed Copy of The Tao of Bill Murray

final-cover-artSo you’ve read the reviews and you want to buy a copy of The Tao of Bill Murray for yourself or a loved one, but you want it signed by the author (i.e., me)–what’s your winning strategy? The answer is “Get in touch with the cool people at Park Road Books in Charlotte, North Carolina.” They will be happy to sell you a copy of the book and ship it to you, and I will be equally happy to come by the store and sign it (or even to personalize it with your name, or the name of someone you love, or the name “Natasha” just because you like how that sounds).

Call them up at 704-525-9239, or if you’d rather email them, drop them a line at orders@parkroadbooks.com. Tell ’em I say hi.

If a signature isn’t important to you or if you want the book faster, you have other options, of course: you can buy the book from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore. Or you can get it as an impossible-to-sign audiobook.

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Tao of Bill Murray Review Roundup

final-cover-artThe Tao of Bill Murray came out last week, and there was rejoicing throughout the land. I think rather highly of the book–as well I should–but perhaps you’d like reports and opinions from some impartial commentators?

In the New York Times Book Review, columnist John Williams observed that “there seems to be just one big rule underlying the many anecdotes in this book: Have bizarre fun however and whenever you want.”

At the Washington Post, reviewer John Wilwol wrote that it “captures Murray’s enigmatic, comic genius.”

In Newsday (the New York newspaper based in Long Island), Daniel Bubbeo called it “insightful” and noted “You never know what to expect from Bill Murray whenever he’s on film, but the actor is even more unpredictable off screen.”

And over at the GeekDad website, James Floyd Kelly reviewed the book and declared, “You will love The Tao of Bill Murray. Period.”

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The Tao of Bill Murray Trailer

final-cover-artMy book, The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing, is out on Tuesday, September 20th (brought to you by the good people at Random House). The LA Weekly has already offered their opinion: “invite yourself to the party, put on some music, drop some coin and buy the book.” Still not sure? Try watching this amazing four-minute trailer for the book.

Want a copy of The Tao of Bill Murray for yourself or a loved one? You can get the book from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore. Or if you’re interested in an audio copy (six hours and 47 minutes of me reading the unabridged text), this page will lead you to your favorite audiobook purveyor. And then, as Bill once ad-libbed, “you’re on a gravy train with biscuit wheels.”

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Tao of Bill Murray Reading/Signing Schedule

final-cover-artCitizens of the world! I am coming to your town to meet you and talk about Bill Murray–if that town is New York City or Charlotte, North Carolina. (I’m hoping to add more dates–watch this space.) Here are the details on my two confirmed readings and signings for The Tao of Bill Murray, which Library Journal called “hilarious” and which will be released next Tuesday (September 20th).

New York City / September 20th

Join us at a birthday party for Bill! The man turns 66 at midnight, so we’ll celebrate appropriately. At the cool Syndicated space in Bushwick, I’ll be reading a short excerpt from The Tao of Bill Murray and answering a few questions with genius illustrator R. Sikoryak, then we’ll be watching Groundhog Day, followed by a signing (both Mr. Sikoryak and I will be signing the book–probably your only chance to catch the two of us together) and a slideshow. Plus: merriment and surprise guests. (Bill, if you’re reading this, consider yourself totally invited.)

More info here, but here’s the essentials:

6:45 pm on Tuesday, September 20th, at Syndicated Bar/Theater/Kitchen in Bushwick (40 Bogart Street, Brooklyn NY 11206–two blocks away from the Morgan Avenue L stop). Tickets can be bought in advance through that link–just $3! (That gets you into the movie–buying the book is separate.)

Charlotte, NC / September 23rd

The good people of Park Road Books are hosting me for this Friday-evening shindig: I’ll be reading some favorite sections from The Tao of Bill Murray, and then I will answer questions about Bill and anything under the sun. Also: I’m not ruling out the possibility of merriment and surprise guests. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

More info here, but here’s the essentials:

7:00 pm on Friday, September 23rd, at Park Road Books, which is in the Park Road Shopping Center, 4139 Park Road, Charlotte NC 28209 (just slightly uphill from Blackhawk Hardware). Admission is free!

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Tao of Bill Murray Preview

final-cover-artIf you’re looking forward to my upcoming book The Tao of Bill Murray but can’t bear the frustration of it not being published until September 20th (that’s just a week from tomorrow!), then I come bearing good news, like Bill Murray with a tray of BBQ sandwiches. If you go to the book’s page on Amazon and make use of the “Look inside” button, you will find quite a bit of the book there: you might read about Bill’s Christmas cards, or how he handles getting a phone call when somebody’s dialed the wrong number. Or if you think you’re in the market to buy the audiobook version, but you aren’t sure whether I can read my own book out loud without knocking out a tooth or bonking my head on the microphone, then you might want to check out this four-minute excerpt of me reading the opening section. If you like what you read/hear, you can buy the book from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore.

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Fifteenth Anniversary

Five years ago today I posted something long I wrote about my experiences fifteen years ago today. (I lived one block away from the World Trade Center.)

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Early Tao of Bill Murray Roundup

billmurrayukcoverYou may have heard I have a new book coming out later this month. It’s called The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing. The turquoise vision above you is the cover for the UK edition, which will be released two days after the US edition. It will be available at Waterstones and other fine British booksellers, or you can order it from Amazon UK. If you’re in the United States, you can buy the book (with its American cover) from Random House, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Powell’s, or your local bookstore. Perhaps you’d like to read some of the advance notices for the book before you make a decision? Let me help you out.

The LA Weekly ran a “reported review” (meaning that the reviewer got on the phone with me and included a few quotes) that concluded “invite yourself to the party, put on some music, drop some coin and buy the book.”

In a starred review, Publishers Weekly particularly liked the final third of the book, a guided tour of Bill Murray’s films, and declared “Murray’s fans are sure to savor this book and walk away with a deeper appreciation of the actor and his work.”

The good people of Kirkus Reviews said that The Tao of Bill Murray was a “fun and revealing look behind the charm and mythos of Bill Murray that will only strengthen his legend.”

And Library Journal (no link, sorry) wrote “Bill Murray the actor takes a backseat to Murray the trickster figure in this collection of notable, implausible, even inexplicable offscreen appearances. . . . A hilarious read—occasionally heartwarming, sometimes head-scratching. . . . Sure to please Murray fans.”

Would they lie to you?

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

Contra Morrissey, I am delighted to say that I am ecstatic to have a whole mess of writer friends who are kicking ass in various ways.

adhdYou may know the name of Alan Schwarz from the New York Times, where he did extraordinary work on concussions in sports (especially football) and their aftereffects, which got him on the shortlist for the Pulitzer. His new book is ADHD: Children, Doctors, Big Pharma, and the Making of an American Epidemic. It’s out on September 6th, but you can preorder it now at your favorite retailer or online purveyor. In yesterday’s NYT Book Review, it was described as “important, humane, and compellingly written.”

mamalehAlso getting love from the NYT Book Review yesterday: my pal Marjorie Ingall, whose book (out tomorrow!) is Mamaleh Knows Best: What Jewish Mothers Do to Raise Successful, Creative, Empathetic, Independent Children. Marjorie is a columnist at Tablet and the coauthor of the essential SorryWatch website, in addition to being a generally cool human being. Oh, the Times said her book was “rich” and “insightful.”

kww-01-coverGreg Pak built his rep writing a variety of comic books, including a slew of Hulk titles (he did the World War Hulk sequence and is responsible for Amadeus Cho), not to mention kick-ass runs on Storm, Action Comics, and the multiverse-hopping X-Treme X-Men. Well, he’s got a creator-owned book out now from Dark Horse called Kingsway West, and it looks like a corker: a Chinese gunslinger in a version of the Wild West that’s full of magic. Read this cool interview with Greg and then get to your local comic store!

novi_sadLast but not least is one of the coolest guys in Charlotte: Jeff Jackson, author of the haunting novel Mira Corpora (and organizer of the New Frequencies series of artistic happenings at the McColl Center). He’s got a companion novella to Mira Corpora coming out on September 21st. It’s called Novi Sad, it’s full of original art by Michael Salerno, and it’s printed on blue paper. It’s available from the Kiddiepunk press, which is printing it in limited quantities: order now.

Well, my reading list for the fall is set, I think.

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I’m Not Sleeping

Next week is the 31st anniversary of Live Aid–I’ve got something special planned for that day, but in anticipation of it, I’ve added my minute-by-minute breakdown of U2’s performance of “Bad” to the archives. Relive all 12 glorious minutes!

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The Rocking Dead

I wrote an article for the New York Times about Jeff Jampol, who manages musicians including Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and Rick James–as I put it, “the performers that the music business calls legacy acts and that the general public refers to as dead people.” If you’re interested in that niche of the show-business ecosystem, or if you just want to read a quote where Katy Perry’s manager coins the word “necromanagement,” dig up your Arts & Leisure section from last Friday or head over to the Times website.

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