Hello. I’m Gavin Edwards, contributing editor at Rolling Stone and the author of Last Night at the Viper Room, the ’Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy series, and (with the original MTV VJs) the New York Times bestseller VJ. I live in Los Angeles. I like caffeine, boardgames, and lists with three items.

Friday Foto: Shrine Auditorium

IMG_7601 - Version 2Photographed on December 8, during the second night of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas. The Shrine hosted the Oscars a few times about 25 years ago–it’s looking a little dilapidated now, but it’s still a beautiful building.

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Rolling in the Deep, 1/14/14

rs1200Hello and happy new year, citizens of the world. I am currently finishing up a big project (more details to come very soon), so there won’t be a lot of activity around here for another two weeks or so. (But after that, Rule Forty Two bonanza!) You may, however, be interested in some of my recent writing for Rolling Stone: a feature on the Swedish DJ known as Avicii (in the current issue of the print magazine, but also available on the website), a conversation with Stevie Nicks at her home (with video!), a goofy speculative squib on the secret project being cooked up by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, and a Q&A with the divine Rosanne Cash.

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Rolling in the Deep, 12/27/13

songskeylifeFor your reading pleasure, some of my writing for the Rolling Stone website in the past month. I attended the annual KROQ Christmas show, with eighteen bands playing over two evenings. Night one had more guitar oriented-bands, such as Queens of the Stone Age and Vampire Weekend, while night two had more dance music, such as the great Capital Cities, and finished with the Arcade Fire. I hung out in the kitchen of Stevie Nicks and interviewed her about American Horror Story (there’ll be more material coming from that interview soon). I interviewed Snoopzilla and his collaborator Dam Funk, and got a contact high just by being in the same room (no lie). And I had the great privilege of attending Stevie Wonder’s three-hour performance of all 21 compositions on Songs in the Key of Life (plus an extra unreleased song, possibly from the Key of Life sessions, called “Living for Your Love.”) A moment that didn’t make it into that writeup: John Mayer leaving the stage, and without thinking, waving goodbye to Stevie.

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Merry Christmas, Baby

staplesingersxmasYou may have missed this one: I recently compiled forty of the greatest Christmas albums of all time for the Rolling Stone website. I wanted to include albums that rewarded repeated plays, not wacky Yuletide novelties–which means that I didn’t include Bob Dylan’s Christmas in the Heart, even though I really wanted to use my “Miracle on Positively Fourth Street” joke. I enjoy all the albums on this list, and I can strongly recommend the top ten. Ella Fitzgerald’s album (my number-one selection) is a wonder, and was previously unknown to me, but the record I’d particularly like to call your attention to is our number-three choice, the Staple Singers’ 1962 album, The 25th Day of December. It’s sparely arranged–four voices doing gospel vocals, guitar, drums, and organ–and it’s jaw-droppingly great. (I don’t know why it’s such an obscurity–maybe because it was out of print for a couple of decades?) At any rate, I hope the list turns you on to some music you don’t know–and if you celebrate Christmas, I hope you have an extremely happy one. And no matter what, I wish you an amazing 2014.

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Year-End Roundup Mania!

vjbookIt’s the time of year when some people celebrate the holidays with loved ones, some contemplate their plans for the year to come, and some compile top-ten lists. I’m pleased to see that VJ has made a couple of year-end lists of people’s favorite music books in 2013. (There aren’t exactly ten on either list–they are not shackled by decimal convention.) Thanks to David Chiu at Brooklyn Based (“outrageous and hilarious”) and Nancy Davis Kho at Midlife Mixtape (“full of delicious insider detail”) for their kind words. Check out their lists for other music books you might enjoy–and remember that VJ makes an excellent Christmas gift.

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Friday Foto Flashback: The Gates

The Gates was a 2005 installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in New York City’s Central Park. I just stumbled on this photo in my archives and it made me happy, so here it is. Have a great weekend.


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Historic Billy Joel Update

It turns out that the historic Billy Joel announcement was actually that he’s going to be doing a monthly concert at Madison Square Garden for the foreseeable future: at least four months, very possibly thirty or more. And here I was hoping that he’d reveal that Sgt. O’Leary, who at night becomes a bartender, is the same guy as John at the bar who gets Bill his drinks for free. Unleash the power of John O’Leary!

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Friday Foto: Abandoned Car

IMG_7446 - Version 2Photographed recently from a trail at the Audobon Center in Debs Park (in the Montecito Heights district of Los Angeles). Anyone recognize what model this car is?

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Billy Joel Historic Announcement

Twitter can be fun.

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Rolling in the Deep, 11/26/13

beck-songreaderFor your reading pleasure as we head into the long holiday weekend, I can suggest a clutch of articles by me on the Rolling Stone website in the past week. You might enjoy my rundown of the celebrity reactions to the magic of David Blaine, my report on the Live Read staging of the Tootsie screenplay at LACMA, my review of the all-star concert performing Beck’s Song Reader compositions at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, my extended Q&A with Jared Leto on topics including Dallas Buyers Club and his pink Mohawk, and my piece about the making of the excellent new interactive video for Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone.” (You’ve seen the video already, right?) That piece was pretty much instant gratification: I saw the video the day it came out, wanted to know more about it, got the director on the phone the same day, and my article ran the following morning.

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