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Self-Descriptive Song Titles

I totally enjoyed the recent essay by Chris Molanphy (a friend of Rule Forty-Two) about Taylor Swift’s “Blank Spaces,” part of his excellent ongoing series for Slate on the songs that top the pop charts. This sentence jumped out at me: It’s rare that a chart-topping hit’s title actually alludes to what the song itself […]

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Last night’s Oscars were almost exactly the baseline of what one can expect from the show: a few surprises (but not too many), a middle-of-the-road hosting job by Ellen (neither exceptionally bad or good, which was a pleasant change after some recent hosting debacles), a reminder to catch up on some of last year’s movies […]

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Viper Room Review Roundup

I’ve received a fair number of reviews for Last Night at the Viper Room, which I hugely appreciate; when you spend many months writing a book, it’s a blessing whenever people read it and consider it seriously. (When they actually like it, all the better.) In case you’re curious about what people who are not […]

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Viper Room Interview Roundup

One of the nice things about releasing a book is that smart people want to talk about it with you. If you’re interested in knowing more about about Last Night at the Viper Room, or if you just want to see how I handle answering questions instead of asking them, perhaps you’d like to check […]

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Phoenix Lists

If you want to read full-length paragraphs on the topic of River Phoenix, woven together into a larger narrative, your best bet is the full-length biography I wrote that was published last week, Last Night at the Viper Room (available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Powell’s, or your local bookstore). But if you want […]

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Rolling in the Deep, 10/27/13

I had several pieces on the Rolling Stone website in the past week. First and foremost was a list I assembled of twenty Lou Reed tracks, in memory of his passing. I tried to strike a balance between the most iconic moments in his career and great stuff on YouTube that people might have forgotten […]

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Rolling in the Deep, 10/10/13

Lately, I’ve been writing more dispatches for the Rolling Stone website, and it occurred to me that you might like to know about them. I don’t want to slam you with a barrage of links, so once a week or so, I’ll do a quick roundup and you can click on whatever interests you. On […]

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Father’s Day Reminder

This Sunday is Father’s Day–and if you haven’t gotten your dad something yet, might I suggest that he would thoroughly enjoy a copy of VJ, the New York Times bestselling memoir of the early days of MTV I wrote with original VJs Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and Martha Quinn? Even the right-wing website […]

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VJ Giveaway

Nancy Davis Kho, the woman behind the excellent blog Midlife Mixtape, wrote a very cool review of VJ: Having a one-sided conversation with these guys was a major component of my teen years, so reading about what happened on the other side of the television screen feels a bit like reminiscing with a long-lost high […]

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VJ Roundup II

No, not information on the whereabouts of Adam Curry, Kevin Seal, and Downtown Julie Brown–that would be VJ II Roundup. This is a collection of some more press coverage of the New York Times bestseller VJ and my fabulous coauthors Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and Martha Quinn. (You can check out the previous […]

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