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The Dan Plan

This is one of those articles that was in the works so long, I missed the moment when it actually saw print: my profile of aspiring golfer Dan McLaughlin. But although the April issue of Men’s Journal has left newsstands, I encourage you to click over to their website, because McLaughlin is a fascinating guy: […]

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How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man’

My apologies for the unplanned hiatus: I’m in book crunch mode, which has been soaking up every free minute, and many that aren’t free. But I wanted to let you know about an interview I did for Playboy with Grant Morrison, who has been one of my favorite comic-book writers for many years now. I […]

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Oscar Aftermath

That was the dullest Academy Awards ever, right? But there were some highlights for me, not least that Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall won the Film Editing Oscar for their work on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo–work that they were kind enough to dissect for me (and the readers of The New York Times). […]

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Here Comes McBride

“He’s one of the funniest improvisers ever,” Seth Rogen told me, speaking of Danny McBride. “But he gets frustrated if you laugh during his take more than ten times, which I constantly do.” For my article on the saga of McBride, and his epic journey from motion-control cameraman to star of Pineapple Express, Your Highness, […]

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Deep in the Heart of Doritos

My history of Doritos was a story a year in the making; it required a trip to Texas to see the flagship Frito-Lay plant and some detective work to track down the snack’s then-96-year-old inventor, Arch West (who has since died, alas). But you can now read it on the Maxim website, with or without […]

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Oscar Immersion Mode

With the Oscar nominees being announced today, may I offer you the interviews I’ve done with some of them? I spoke with George Clooney (Actor in a Leading Role, The Descendants; Screenplay, The Ides of March) in 2005, around the time of Syriana. Just a few weeks back, I got Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall […]

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Going Out of Business Since 1988

I have an article in today’s Los Angeles Times (my first for that fine publication), about Sub Pop’s unlikely but sustained success in the 21st century. If you live somewhere without easy access to the LA Times, I suggest you click here. If you just want some of the obscenity from executive VP Megan Jasper […]

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Hot Hot Hot

My apologies for the dilatory nature of posting here lately; I’ve been crazy busy working on projects that I can’t actually tell you about yet: although they are awesome, they’re being published anywhere from Halloween 2012 to Christmas 2013. But I’ll have some fun morsels for you shortly, including the next installment of the 1988 […]

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Happy Birthday, Peter Jackson!

Today is the fiftieth birthday of director Peter Jackson, the most famous New Zealander since Edmund Hillary. I’ve interviewed Jackson twice, and while he’s not really into self-disclosure, he’s been unfailingly genial and at ease with his own high-powered geekiness. Much as I enjoy The Lord of the Rings trilogy, my favorite film of his […]

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Sweet Melissa

Congratulations to the lovely and talented Melissa McCarthy for her Emmy win last night. McCarthy and I had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch together a few weeks ago, at which we ordered more fried food than we intended to. You can read a short excerpt at the Rolling Stone website, or check out the George Harrison […]

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